SprintDrive Mobile IOS (Beta)

  • Update google API key

  • Port built-in scanner to standard iOS API instead of using external third-party library

  • Change max distance allowed for delivery to 50 meters
  • Fixes for checking package pickup status

  • Add validation for comparing location of user to the delivery location of package
  • Update labels for user clock-in/out

  • Add checking of the pickup status for the current sprint
  • Integrate API for notifying the control tower of the load list grabbed by the user

  • Fixes on the tracking log api parameters
  • Remove sync of delivery notes before opening Finish Sprint dialog

  • Update map api key

  • Set idle timeout for badge to 30 as default
  • Disable sort load list
  • Disable foodkick mode in the settings
  • Set default vehicle log interval to 30, minimum to 5 seconds
  • Set print label after express pickup to false as default

  • Add permission for camera usage for iOS10

  • Update api module reference types

  • Fix for bug in sending incident report

  • Fix for api label layout problem on login
  • Fix for routes not being generated
  • Update sprint tags view to use the new api for syncing

  • Update domain url
  • Fix for crash error on login

  • Update offer load list to show details

  • Offer load list feature

  • Remove menu to delete a sprint from the load list

  • update built in navigation to have an independent thread to handle auto rerouting
  • fix bug on autosending pending delivery images on the cache

  • recompile for download error when installing on device

  • fix package pickup and delivery time parsing
  • set the default location to the hq if the location service is not enabled on the device
  • update edit load list sorting to be adjustable

  • update edit load list to have menu for sort by distance and time

  • update printer command for express pickup label

  • add reset to default button on the print command tester dialog
  • update printer command

v1.2.225 (and older)
  • implement printer command tester dialog on the settings screen
  • add dialog for reporting wrong directions on the navigation view and selection dialog
  • fix for sidemenu bug where logout is hidden
  • change qr code positioning for sprint tag label
  • change printer command character encoding
  • print sprinttag menu for new labels not yet saved in the api
  • update print sprinttag menu
  • update test button command in the settings menu
  • add menu for printing sprint tag labels
  • add test print button on the settings view
  • update label command and add zone, zip code
  • prevent express pickup dialog box from being called again
  • automatically show next input field in express pickup
  • fixed bug in speed limit toggle
  • autocapitalize tracking id and sprint tag input in express pickup
  • add settings for toggle between built-in scanner and manual input in express pickup screen
  • fixed crash error on label printing after express pickup
  • printer module logging and initialization updates
  • set input type for printer ip address as number and symbols
  • log printer command
  • implement printing of label after express pickup
  • implement printer connection and settings
  • add sort order label on express pickup
  • update image uploader modules to preserve exif information when saving to API
  • remove from load list functionality
  • add latitude and longitude on Driver Clock In/Out parameters
  • update foodkick prod api url
  • update driver photo module to crop from center and scale properly
  • fix bug where image orientation is not used for displaying profile picture
  • fix bug on Express Pickup where "Scan Tracking" label appears when scanning for Sprint Tags
  • limit bin location entry length
  • implement autocomplete bin location
  • customize foodkick request module to trust self signed cert from FoodKick
  • update incident report to have option to delete images, also improve the photo collection view